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Himalayan Salt Lamps 

Hand-carved salt lamps from the Himalayan Mountains are a beautiful way to improve the air quality within any home

Salt Lamps include all electrical necessary

If you have never owned a Himalayan Salt Lamp, you are surely missing out on a higher quality of air within your home. A Himalayan Salt Lamp is sure to become the statement piece in any home, as it adds a beautiful glow to the room it resides in. Not only are they beautiful whether glowing or not, the Himalayan Salt Lamp is working to improve your air quality within your home. This happens through the interaction between the water molecules in the air and the salt within the lamp, this works to improve the quality of the air by enriching it with negative ions. The salt lamps are known to be natural neutralizers as the negative ions they enrich your air with, work to neutralize any positively charged pollution molecule, thus enhancing your well being and improving your health. The Salt lamps naturally neutralize the positive ions that are generated by electrical devices and air pollution. 

Five Main Reasons you should purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp:

1.  They help to purify the air

2. They may help to reduce the effects of seasonal affective Disorder (SAD)

3. Reduces Allergens 

4. Decreases Electromagnetic Emissions

5. Neutralizes bacteria, mold and viruses 

Find your Himalayan Salt Lamp at the Healing Tree, located within the Market Tent at St.Jacob's Farmers Market

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