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My Story

       from a dream to reality...       



Welcome to my dream come true! My name is Valerie Elkeer and I am a Certified BodyTalk Practioner (CBP) along with being an Aromatherapist (In-training). From a young age I have been drawn to holistic health and healing. 


The Healing Tree

Have you ever looked at the ingredients labels of your household cleaning products or beauty products? 

You're probably familiar with the hazard symbols that appear on some cleaning products, along with words like "poison", "corrosive" or "irritant” but what about all the ingredients that we can’t pronounce? I have done my research (believe me!) and most are carcinogenic and harmful to our bodies. Did you know that there is no requirement in Canada for manufacturers to warn consumers about the health and environmental hazards associated with chronic, or long-term exposure to chemical ingredients in household cleaning or beauty products? Most of us are exposed to cleaning products or beauty products along with their residues on a daily basis. When we use these chemicals, they linger in the air and we breathe them in. Chemicals in cleaning products along with our beauty products can enter our bodies by absorption through the skin or through ingestion of household dust and chemical residues. And when these products are flushed down the drain, they can have a serious impact on aquatic ecosystems.

I was so sickened by this that I made a decision for myself and my family;  we were not going to use these hazardous chemicals any longer in our home or on our bodies. I searched for reasonably priced alternatives but the products out there were financially unsustainable for us to afford. That is when I decided to train as an Aromatherapist and created the products for my family and friends. I noticed that my family did not suffer from as many headaches, colds, sleepless nights or skin irritations. I also had peace of mind knowing that my family and home were now safe from these chemicals.


After sharing my remedies with family and friends, they suggested that I share these products with others;  this is how The Healing Tree came to be. I hope you enjoy my products and that they make a difference for you and your family's health.




My journey with BodyTalk started in 2008. I had developed multiple hematomas in my abdomen after undergoing an appendectomy that went wrong in 2007. After a very difficult and painful recovery,  I was apprehensive about having a secondary surgery to remove the hematomas in my abdomen so I started my search for alternative ways to healing.  I spoke to my friends and family about different options and BodyTalk was recommended as an option. I had never heard of Bodytalk before so I started my research and was so impressed with what I read, I booked a session.


After three months of sessions, my body completely healed the hematomas that were throughout my abdomen.  As you can imagine I was absolutely awestruck that this worked after all the medical professionals I consulted said it would take surgery to remove these internal blood clots. Well they were wrong, I was able to avoid a second surgery and I also dealt with the emotional and psychological trauma associated with the errors of the surgery that caused the hematomas.


I love the BodyTalk system because it allows the body’s innate wisdom to take the lead in identifying which imbalance needs to be recognized first, second and third to start the healing process without having to guess what might work best. BodyTalk recognizes that every person’s brain connections, genetic makeup, life experiences, culture, beliefs, and health history are unique to them; no two sessions will ever be the same.


I was so impressed with how BodyTalk healed me that I made a life changing decision in 2009 to pursue it as a practice with a goal to help others. The process took five years to fulfill but now living my dream as a  C.B.P.

Completed courses include:  Bodytalk Fundamentals I & II, Bodytalk Bio-Dynamics, Bodytalk Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Shambhala Multidimensional Healing.


If you would like to learn more about BodyTalk, please watch this short video presented by Dr John Veltheim, the president and founder of the BodyTalk System as he talks about why it is so effective.


Please contact (info below) me if you would like to book a session. The first session will be approximently 90min in length and subsequent sessions will be 45 to 60 minutes. Session fee is $50

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